Choosing The Best Fabric

Combination squares made from fabrics of the same or different shades of a color, but differentiated surfaces can give satisfactory results. fabrics with a remnant, for example velvet, or shiny fabrics like fabric also cause intrigue.

Regardless of the fabric you choose for your knitting business, you need to set it on the right track before you begin. Most cotton fabrics recoil when washed and dried. In the event that you do not pre-shrink your fabric before making your blanket, the fabrics may wrinkle at the seam lines and the finished item may wrinkle on the first wash.

To avoid this, first wash all fabrics in a clothes washer on a short, gentle cycle. Use cold or warm water, but never at a high temperature. You can use a mild cleaner, but this is not basic, unless the fabric is dirty. Wash colors as colors together, in case they are not color resistant. Dry the fabric in the machine and press it with an iron. You are now ready to start your activity.